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Jordan Stephenson 

Looming storm clouds, crashing of waves, or misty evening walks through alder forests, Jordan’s goal is to capture the moods and emotions connected to moments in God's creation. She is inspired by light, atmosphere, and location, painting primarily from local scenery, imagined locations, or places she’s visited.

Having taken various art classes from grade school through collage, Jordan has known art would be a lifelong pursuit. At times artwork had been placed on hold while other things took priority, but she's always found her way back to it. While studying the impressionist era she became drawn to atmospheric landscapes; some of her favorite historical artists include Claude Monet, and Joseph Turner. 


Jordan primarily works in oils but enjoys the occasional acrylic or mixed media painting. She employs a mixture of traditional and contemporary techniques depending on the needs of each individual piece. The process begins by layering each canvas in a coat of gesso, an acrylic primer that provides structure, subtle texture, and prevents the oil from seeping into the canvas. From there she works in layers to develop light and color. Working from a limited pallet of 4-7 pigments per piece, she enjoys pushing those pigments to their limits. Jordan has recently started selling at art shows as well as online, and her pieces have also been displayed at local coffee shops and galleries.


​Jordan is a wife, mom and above all, a Christ follower. In addition to painting Jordan spends most of her time homeschooling her girls, caring for their home and garden, and keeping backyard chickens.

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