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Jordan Stephenson 

Based in Southern California, fine artist Jordan Stephenson is inspired by rainy days, stormy weather, and her hometown of Oak Glen CA. Jordan aims to bring to light a the wonder and moods experienced in moments in nature.


Described as contemporary luminism, Jordan’s style centers around light and atmosphere. Using a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques in oil and acrylic, she begins her process by creating a textured underpainting with thick-bodied acrylic mediums. Then, she applies thin, translucent layers of oil paint followed by small areas of opaque highlights to achieve a radiant effect. The contrast between the structured foundation and the soft blended layers, combined with high contrast in light and dark help to define her work.


Creating has been an integral part of Jordan's life since childhood, and in 2021 she decided to pursue art professionally. Since then her work has been featured in local galleries and coffee shops, and has been accepted to several juried competitions and shows, Including the Redlands Festival of Arts. Her pieces have found homes throughout California, and across the US. 

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